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Kia Keeps Your Backseat Brood Entertained Even on Long Road Trips

If you're one of the many Jamaica, NY based residents capitalizing on the long weekend ahead by packing up the car and getting out of dodge, you probably already have your bags packed, plans made, and accommodations squared away.

And anyone who has ever embarked on a road trip with little ones in tow--or even tweens and teens for that matter!--knows that one of the most difficult aspect of any lengthy car ride is keeping your rear-row rugrats entertained for the long haul. Snacks, naps, and coloring books will only get you so far; fortunately, the new 2016 Kia Optima has a brilliant solution: back seat charging with USB capabilities.

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Now, when the kids are getting antsy, you can be sure that electronic devices stay fully charged from start to finish. Games, music, even audio books are all excellent ways to keep kids stimulated even on the longest of journeys-- and you'll love that you can keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the pillow-soft performance of the new Optima.

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