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Keeping Up with Kia

It's one thing to outdo your competition; it's a whole other thing to outperform yourself. Kia continues to set the bar higher and higher for itself, continuously growing, evolving, and outperforming any and all expectations of what the Korean automotive company was ever thought to be capable of.

2015 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for Kia Motors America (KMA), with its momentum continuing into last month with a record 56,311 vehicles sold. From this time last year our favorite automotive manufacturer is up 5.0%, with its best-ever July sales total under its belt.

To what does Kia owe this success? Chief Operating Officer and EVP of KMA, Michael Sprague explains that "Consumer confidence remains high, and with Kia's standing as a proven quality leader we are seeing customers shopping the brand in increasing numbers as our summer sales event continues."

While SUVs continue to dominate the industry the new Sportage and Sorento aren't the only Kia vehicles leading the pack, the Kia Forte also holds its own against the competition, with an outstanding 41 percent increase in July.

Interested in getting in on the action? We don't blame you! Stop by Nemet Kia and get your pick of the litter today!


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