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Both Blake Griffin and the 2016 Optima Know How to Make it Look Easy

NBA power-forward, Blake Griffin is accustomed to performing his best even in some seriously stressful circumstances. With literally millions of eyes on him at any given moment he's on the court, we have to ask ourselves: how on Earth does Blake remain so calm, composed, and in control, even when the game buzzer is ticking away its final seconds?

Blake's secret? Well, he simply goes to The Zone, of course. Take a look at the clip below for a glimpse into this so-called Zone and see how the non-professional athletes amongst us still have a chance of getting there if we so desire.

Believe it or not, driving in the new 2016 Kia Optima is a lot like when Blake Griffin is performing at his peak. Allow us to explain: at face value, both Blake and the new Optima look alert, aggressive, and ready for anything. A closer look inside, however, reveals a surprisingly laid-back feel. Blake is kicking back reading the Sunday funnies and inside the interior of the Optima is a space so sophisticated, so refined, the chaos of the world around you might just seem to no longer exist.

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